Telemarketing / Call-Center
Telemarketing is the direct sales form at which the customer search, consultation and the conclusion of the contract are implemented step by step by phone. Sale can be occured by hired sales or from the supplier of the Call-Center service.

Goals that can be achieved thanks to the Telemarketing/Call – Center:

  • New business contacts with the interested or potential customers
  • Market segmentation according to the target audience and demand analysis with the sales orientation
  • Preliminary discussion and apointment for meetings outside the office
  • Demand tracking (further managment of the client), support of potential and current customers

 In terms of the costs, Telemarketing is more lucrative than office work with the office expenses and the distribution of the printed material. Number of orders with this kind of sales is more higher, that the number of sales with the newsletter of the promotional letters in office.

Economic benefit of the such type of sales is a very effective. During the phone conversation is achieved more higher level of attention, because  of the targeted individual approach to the caller.

Based on the fact that the caller reacts on the call, it is possible to identify the number(adress?) and use it for the further action. For exaple, such numbers, which are not interested in the proposed product or service could be tagged and sorted.

Telemarketing saves the time and money of the customers and workers, because they do not need change the location during the consultation. The possibility of interactive communication is also effective means in the sphere of sales and services, because of the special approach to issues and problems of the potential client.

Thanks to the suport of telemarketing (through domestic sales) is possibe to unload the scope of external sales from unproductive actions and concentrate on visiting potentional customers. It’s possible to compare different companies and find ways to improve work.

Social media marketing
Here we would like to tell you about strategies and tactics, which we use in social networks to achieve your goals. Social medias are platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google and Twitter are very important and have an impact of recognition of your product or service. The development of the social media had a tremendous impact on the communication between companies and current or potential clients.

Social networks make possible interact with people and the social media marketing helps contact the leaders of the public opinion, who have a lot of followers, for example on Facebook or Youtube. Using these and other marketing channels we will make your products famous and demanded.

The social media marketing is not very expensive and it is possible to use it without large investment. Thanks to the techniligies of semantic analysis of user activity, Private Capacity find for you and hold interests of the new groups of people.

Below are just some of the goals that can be achieved for you with the help of Private Capacity by using the SMM:

  • Communication (with the potential customers) and presentation of the proposal
  • Feedback of your target market
  • Influence on the target audience at each decision-making stage
  • Sale and profit
  • Popularuzation of any  kind of idea
  • Creating  your own society of like-minded people, f.e in blog or forum
  • Improving the results for the sarch of site material
  • Creating a reputation of an expert in a certain field of knowledge, information gathering
  • Constant support, until intensive communication with users
  • Publication of the actual, relevant news, creating the good reputation in Internet, holding promotions  in social media

Social media help you to  get  information about the consumer behavior of your customers as well as their preferences. We will use this information for you to determine your target audience and publish that information which will coincide with their preferences.

Virtual Business Assistant
No one of the entepreneur can not avoid the routine work, whether it is the maintenance correspondence, customer service or information search. All these tasks have one thing in common: they require a lot of time in daily activities but do not contribute to the development and expansion of business.

We know that you urgently need more time to concentrate on the development of  your business. Private Capacity is the great chance for you! It is easy to delegate routine work without hiring additional staff.

So, you will be free from such activities as:

Communication: You communicate with your personal assistant mainly  per mail or Skype. In this way you discuss tasks. You can also offer other ways of communication.

Briefing: The more you describe the task, the better it will be done. Prescribed, clear briefings facilitate cooperation.

Availability: Your assistant is in touch with you for a week, as agreed even on  weekends.

Working place: Our employees work at home and from our central office

Work: We are ready to make almost any routine work, that you do in the office,provided that it can be done in digital format.

Cooperation: You can integrate your assistant from Private Capacity into your company and those provide internal work. This can also be done virtually.

Control: You give us the constructive feedback and we adjust to your needs and requirements. The control is carried out by constant reports and also as online control through a screen demonstration.  

Below are some of the goals that can be achieved  with the help of a Personal Assistant from Private Capacity:

  • Information search

    (search the information on Internet, compare the prices,search  suppliers and addresses)

  • Office work

    (formatting files, translations, data rewriting,conclusion of meeting   arrangements)

  • Websites and online-shops maintenance

    (writing articles and creating  photos of the goods for online-shops, photoshop, content-management)

  • Work in Internet

    (keeping accounts in social network)

  • Customer support

    (telephone support, correspondence management and answering customers questions)

  • Data processing

    (data analysis, creation o databases, displaying information in diagrams)

  • Organization

    (business trips planning, meetings preparation)

  • Particular tasks

    (holiday planning, choise of tourist destinations, hotel search)

  There are just some examples, how your private assistant can help you. If you are not sure yet which of your routine tasks are suitable for this, you can just write during the week every day which routine work you are doing. With a more accurate examination, you will find that you do not need to take it all on yourself.

And when this happens, the time will come to contact us. We will be happy to develope for you an individuall offer with allowans for your needs. Write to us – we look forward to your treatment!

We will develop your desired product, whether it is a website, software, database or application for iOS / Android with specific information. Our experienced specialists are knowledgeable in the various aspects of IT and are very passionate about creating quality software products.
  • Web design and websites development at the best price in the whole Switzerland
  • Software development in any language
  • Application development for your business, which can be used on both Android(e) and ISO
  • Database creation and implementation of any complexity level
  • CRM system management, creation and its implementation
From simple texts to the difficult technical translations – we offer the perfect translation at a good price. Only high standards of quality provide a high level of our translators. We make sure that our translators not only ideally spoke the language, but also knew its social, cultural and emotional nuances. Our translators always work according to the principle of native speakers and translate only into their native language. We certify your translations notarially and, if necessary, we provide an assurance of the correspondence of a copy of the document to the original (apostille) in the State Chancellery.

Your advantages from our cooperation:

  • 50 native speakers – translators work for you
  • Your texts are processed by the qualified specialists
  • Native speakers – translators monitor the style and tonality of the texts
  • You will receive your translation quickly and surely
  • We will prove you that good quality can be at an affordable price

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Tuition foreign languages
Learning languages by Skype is an interactive and effective method to learn German, Swiss German, Englisch, English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Russian etc. In Skype, our teachers have all the facilities for a successful and professional training. Regardless of time and place, you can individually study the language and achieve the goal of your learning according to the plan.

There are no restrictions compared to classroom lessons. The contact between teacher and student by Skype is more close, because the teacher focuses only on you.

Benefits of your online learning with Private Capacity:

  • You do not need to go anywere
  • You can start at any time
  • Flexible schedule
  • Facilitating the goals of your learning
  • Private, qualified, experienced teachers
  • Training of speech and listeting comprehension
  • Possible time for lessons – Monday to Sunday from 6:00 to 24:00
  • Price per lesson from CHF 25
  • Skype training is faster and more targeted
We are glad to offer you our interpreting services. We will translate to you or speech you said and will inform your interlocutor live in his native language.

Thank You for Your interest in Private Capacity Ltd.

Should you require any further assistance or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us via Contact Form.

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